Build innovative new add-ons, integrations, and Power-Ups to help software teams, business teams, and IT teams work together better with Atlassian products.


There are no limits to what you can build for Codegeist 2017. We have prizes for the best integration and best add-on for software, IT, and business teams, as well as the best Power-Up for Trello. Read below for more ideas on what to build.


Have a cloud application you want integrated with one of our products? Codegeist is your chance to build that integration. This category is for companies looking to reach Atlassian users by building a bridge between Atlassian's products and theirs.

Trello Power-Ups

Love Trello? You’re not alone - over 22 million people organize and collaborate on Trello! People use Trello for all sorts of different things and Power-Ups give them the ability to customize their boards to their unique workflows. Whether they’re using Trello at home and at work, on teams and alone, or across millions of use cases, Power-Ups help them do it all. What will you build for Codegeist?

Software Teams

Need your code to test faster? Want your new IDE to sync up to JIRA? Move stuff with agile boards? Create bug reports via a VR interface? Codegeist is your chance to extend our products and help software teams work even smarter.

IT Teams

Have an amazing use case for ChatOps? Need to make your service desk and asset tracking work together? Do you need users to submit requests with solid SLAs? With the JIRA Service Desk APIs, Bitbucket Pipelines and Confluence blueprints, building and integrating tools to help your IT org out is better than ever. Codegeist is your chance to extend our products and help IT teams work even faster.

Business Teams

Need marketing and HR to communicate better? Have an idea to help a new part of your organization collaborate better? Will your add-on help make the conjoined triangles of success be a reality? Getting business teams onboard is key. Show us how your add-on can make business teams work better. 

Bring your server add-on to the cloud

Already have an add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace that runs on our server products? Consider building a cloud version for Codegeist 2017.

Industry Solutions

Is there an industry that would benefit from the customization of our products? Help these teams unleash their potential by building an add-on for Codegeist 2017.  

Thousands of developers have participated in Codegeist over the last 10 years. For some inspiration checkout these past participants:  

Atlas CRM


Make an Impact

You'll make a huge impact on how teams around the world get stuff done. Most of our customers use add-ons, and soon they could be using yours. Here are a few customers that already use add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace: 

Awesome Prizes

All developers that successfully build and submit their add-on will win an exclusive Codegeist 2017 t-shirt and be promoted on the Atlassian Marketplace. And if you win in any of the following categories, your add-on will be featured on the Atlassian blog and you'll win cash prizes:

  • Best IT Team add-on
  • Best Software Team add-on
  • Best Business Team add-on
  • Newcomer cloud add-on (only available for new Marketplace vendors)
  • Popular choice add-on (decided by community voting on DevPost)
  • Best Power-Up for Trello

For more info about Codegeist 2017 checkout the FAQ.


Please read the full rules for eligibility.


Please read the full rules for submission requirements.

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$60,000 in prizes

Best IT Team App


Best Software Team App


Best Business Team App


Best New Vendor App


Popular Choice App


Best Trello Power-Up


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for the Codegeist hackathon on DevPost by clicking 'Enter a submission' at the top of this page.
  2. Build an awesome add-on. Check out our developer site to get started.
  3. Submit your add-on to the Atlassian Marketplace as Public and check the "Codegeist 2017" box or submit your Trello Power-Up for review at
  4. Create your submission on DevPost with:
    • Your add-on's name
    • Marketplace listing URL or Trello Power-Up listing URL in the "Website URL" field.
    • Banner image for your add-on via the image uploader


Nick Wade

Nick Wade
Head of Ecosystem Business, Atlassian

Luke Kilpatrick

Luke Kilpatrick
Developer Programs Manager, Atlassian

Delyn Simons

Delyn Simons
Head of Ecosystem Marketing, Atlassian

Max Mancini

Max Mancini
Vice President of Ecosystem, Atlassian

Karen Cross

Karen Cross
Head of Design, GTM & Support, Atlassian

Jamie Gaard

Jamie Gaard
Marketplace Support Team Lead, Atlassian

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    Is your add-on solving a real problem customers have?
  • Innovation
    Is your add-on creative and unique given the other add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace?
  • Quality
    Does the add-on function as expected? Is it free of bugs?
  • Design
    Is the UI intuitive, easy to use, and in compliance with our design guidelines? Guidelines for cloud add-ons: Guidelines for server add-ons:

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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